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Now every
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For more than 14 years, Achieve3000® has been dramatically increasing learners’ Lexile® reading gains, boosting their performance on high-stakes tests, and building the critical literacy capacities that are at the heart of the Indiana Academic Standards. Achieve3000 offers:
  • a proven system for rapidly accelerating student reading proficiency
  • a powerful approach to infusing instructional rigor in daily lessons
  • an extra, preemptive layer of scaffolding for struggling readers and English learners
  • the means to build literacy and content-area knowledge simultaneously
  • built-in assessment practice that emulates test items from the new Indiana Assessments

Current Indiana users of Achieve3000 have seen impressive results, including more than double the expected Lexile® reading growth when using the program at least twice weekly. Learn More

Video walkthrough

This tutorial video includes the 5-step Literacy Routine and how to access the Teacher's Edition, including My Lessons, Resources, and the administrative area for reporting and standards information.

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Take a deeper dive

We have provided a number of resources and documents so you can see why our literacy program for students in grades 2-12 has been so successful:

Achieving ISTEP Success for ALL Indiana Students

We are excited to offer you this new webinar to help you meet the new challenges of the ISTEP assessments and give your students the tools and support they need to succeed.

Differentiate to Accelerate
Indiana's New Version For ISTEP +Success


For more information, please contact:

Diane Baldessari
Regional Director

Seeing is Believing

“Achieve 3000 has helped us accelerate the reading growth of our students during a time when middle school educators see a deceleration. This upward trajectory in reading growth has changed the culture of reading instruction in our building and our students feel pride in knowing that they are meeting their own personal goals.”

Pam Griffin, Principal
Stonybrook Middle School
MSD Warren Township Schools Corporation

“I am SUCH a believer of this curriculum and how it can increase comprehension, rigor, and academic grit; all while delivering standards’-based text and questions at individual lexiles.”

Megan Thompson, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and RTI
Sand Creek Intermediate
Hamilton Southeastern Schools

“Achieve 3000 has served as the cornerstone and the catalyst for literacy across the curriculum at BHS. As a result, our students are achieving higher on high-stakes assessments, as well as possessing the skills to be successful in rigorous, college-level courses. Achieve 3000 is the best tool that we have implemented to support teachers in the planning process and students in the learning process.”

Annie Baddoo, Principal
Blackford High School
Blackford County Schools

“My students came into my class feeling like failures. Now, they feel like champions.”

Camille Scott, Teacher
Stonybrook Middle School
MSD Warren Township

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