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Literacy: The Key
  to Success in Science

Driven by STEM goals and Common Core’s rigorous standards, more and more educators are determined to reverse the decline of America’s science achievement by focusing on student literacy. The reason for this movement is clear: students with established reading skills have a 300% greater chance of success in science than their unprepared counterparts.* In this paper, discover how educators are:

•  Using innovative approaches to make science instruction accessible to all learners – enabling teachers and students to succeed together in the classroom and on state and national assessments
•  Advancing inquiry-based science instruction via the “5E Model” (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate), which moves from teacher-directed to student-centered learning focused on questioning, critical thinking, and problem solving
•  Utilizing core curriculum differentiated by students’ Lexile®/reading levels to enable science content acquisition while seamlessly reinforcing key literacy needs

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* ACT, The Forgotten Middle