Developed in partnership with Dr. Doug Fisher and based on research from Visible Learning by Dr. John Hattie, our new Read-Discuss-Read framework and specialized courses invite you to use the highly effective behaviors of repeated reading and collaborative conversations to increase your instructional efficacy. Read-Discuss-Read can help you leverage the Achieve3000 literacy platform to realize triple the expected gains for your students in a single school year.



In the Achieve3000 platform, the Read-Discuss-Read framework can be implemented in two unique ways through two different courses: Read-Discuss-Read: Text Sets and Read-Discuss-Read: Close Reading.


In the first course, Read-Discuss Read: Text Sets, new articles are thematically connected, challenging students to read multiple sources of information that revolve around the same argumentative Poll and Thought Question. Students read each article multiple times, discuss the topic with their peers, and synthesize their learning into written responses that address claims and counterclaims.

  • The first text set will be posted beginning on 9/11/18. Students will discuss whether playing video games is more beneficial or harmful to today’s youth. The posting dates for each article in the set are 9/11/18, 9/13/18, and 9/17/18. 
  • The second text set (new for this year) will be posted beginning on 10/9/18. Students will discuss whether advances in technology have led to an unacceptable loss of individual privacy. The posting dates for each article in the set are 10/9/18, 10/11/18, and 10/15/18. 
  • The third text set will be posted beginning on 11/6/18. Students will discuss whether male and female athletes playing the same sport should receive similar salaries. The posting dates for each article in the set are 11/6/18, 11/8/18, and 11/12/18.
  • The fourth text set (new for this year) will be posted beginning on 2/26/19. Students will discuss whether celebrities should just do their jobs and leave the politics to politicians. The posting dates for each article in the set are 2/26/19, 2/28/19, and 3/4/19.
FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: Check the Read-Discuss-Read Course Guide for links to a letter you can send home with your students that will encourage family discussion and further support learning.
It's hard to get students to do repeated readings. Engaging them with topics they want to discuss really motivates them.
~Dr. Doug Fisher


In the second course, Read-Discuss-Read: Close Reading, four ready-made, close reading lessons complete with suggested literal, structural, and inferential questions support your classes’ multiple readings of Achieve3000 high-interest science and social studies topics. Facilitate students’ engagement in collaborative conversations as they take on the Stretch Article’s grade-level text complexity—the same level of text complexity students will encounter during high-stakes testing. This year's close reading lessons will include: Computers as Poets? Not Yet. (posting 1/2/19); Good News for Giant Pandas (posting 1/10/19); Airport Runway: Good News or Bad? (posting 1/17/19); and Working Too Hard (posting 1/24/19).


PROFESSIONAL LEARNING SERVICES (PLS): New modules are now being offered for schools seeking customized live PLS sessions on this highly impactful model.
The hardest thing about close-reading lessons is developing the questions. In this course, Achieve3000 provides you with the Stretch Article and all of the necessary questions.
~Dr. Doug Fisher
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