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Achieve3000® Forecasts Student Performance on the Smarter Balanced ELA Assessments

State Assessment Forecast Reports

Achieve3000’s new proprietary forecasting tool allows educators to predict their students’ performance on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium’s ELA assessments (SBAC). Forecasting reports, designed to help educators predict and enhance student performance on high-stakes state reading tests, were already available for seven states. This new SBAC forecasting report is now available in 12 states and the US Virgin Islands:

Achieve3000 also provides custom forecast reports for high-stakes state assessments for:

Robust Reports Drive Student Success

With Achieve3000, you can ensure your students are on track for success on your high-stakes state assessments! Achieve3000 is the only patented literacy platform with a robust reporting package that empowers teachers and administrators to continuously monitor students' performance – and forecast their performance on high-stakes state assessments.

Achieve3000's real-time reports make it easy to:

  • Quickly identify students who are not "on track" for meeting grade-level college and career readiness goals or performing on your high-stakes state assessment
  • Ensure at-risk students are placed in the appropriate tier of intervention and receive personalized instruction that addresses their specific strengths and weaknesses
  • Leverage student performance data to inform instruction and drive action plans that put all students on an accelerated trajectory towards success

Prepare for Your High-Stakes Assessments

In addition to forecasting performance on high-stakes assessments, including the SBAC, Achieve3000 also provides ELA Test Challenge courses to give your students the targeted practice they need to build the skills required for test-day success. With a custom course for each state, every grade-specific Challenge course is aligned to your state's grade-level standards for English language arts, social studies and science.

ELA Test Challenge courses are uniquely designed to mirror the rigor of your state assessment:

  • Fully-integrated technology-enhanced items include drag-and-drop sequencing, click-to-highlight evidence tasks, multi-part items and multi-select multiple-choice questions
  • High-stakes assessment practice, including technology-enhanced items, accessible 24/7 via mobile apps
  • Build strength and stamina with leveled texts with higher word counts and texts written with grade-level complexity
  • Targeted grade-level practice with two types of informational text in every lesson to build close-reading and critical-thinking skills

Proven to Accelerate Literacy Gains

Achieve3000 is the leading literacy platform in today's blended learning programs, with differentiated solutions that serve over two million students worldwide. Based on decades of scientific research, Achieve3000's solutions for grades PreK-12 and adult education tailor lessons at 12 levels in English and 8 in Spanish to reach all students at their precise reading levels and accelerate their learning, improve high-stakes test performance, and prepare them for college and career success.

As the Leader in Differentiated Instruction® for more than 15 years, Achieve3000 has a proven track record of doubling or even tripling expected reading gains. In fact, a national study of more than 1.1 million students showed that students who used Achieve3000 as little as twice per week grew by an average of 153 Lexile points – more than double the 70 Lexile points expected with typical instruction!

Find the right Achieve3000 solution for your students' unique needs and specific academic goals.


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