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Back to School 2019


Deepen engagement and accelerate student literacy growth with Achieve3000!


We're bringing you brand new content, at-a-glance metrics, professional learning opportunities, and more, all designed to activate the teaching and learning practices that accelerate literacy growth.


Look for brand new lessons posting throughout the school week! We select topics and level and adapt texts for age-appropriateness, curricular relevance, and student engagement. Depending on grade, lesson collections include News, with fresh stories straight from the headlines; The Scoop, presenting discussion-worthy, contemporary STEM and social emotional issues; Media Mix, with high-interest topics based on survey responses from 130,000 Achieve3000 students; and Quick Reads, delivering current events articles for younger readers. (Learn more about differentiated fiction below!)


Our redesigned teacher home page makes finding and scheduling lessons a breeze! Now teachers can learn right away whether lessons are already assigned, change scheduled posting dates, and gather other key details, like a lesson’s type and whether that lesson counts toward Lexile adjustment. In addition to making the teacher experience faster and more purposeful, the new home page also highlights all the new content posting each week.


As of late August, a new data center highlights student and class performance in just one click from the Teacher Edition home page! The customizable dashboard enables teachers to view data by individual student or aggregated by class average so they can easily use just-in-time information to drive instructional decisions, monitor student growth, conduct monthly progress meetings with students, and more.

Differentiated Original sERIAL Fiction

Starting later this fall, students in KidBiz and TeenBiz can read a new installment of exciting serial fiction each week. Kids at all reading levels will love following adventures in the world’s first original fiction serials differentiated by Lexile and delivered in both English and Spanish. Cliffhanger endings will keep students coming back for more!


Don’t miss this one stop destination for resources to support instruction and accelerate student literacy. Now presented in four sections, including:

  • PLAN—information and ideas for implementing Achieve3000 this year
  • LEARN—on-demand mini-courses and professional development from experts like Dr. Doug Fisher
  • TEACH—student materials like graphic organizers and much more
  • WATCH—videos to see teachers and students using Achieve3000 in the classroom.

Click the triangle on the bottom right of your Teacher Edition to discover all that’s available!


If you use BOOST or ACCESS, then you’re likely familiar with the Just for Me collection, where students learn academic vocabulary through songs. We are excited to offer this in Spanish as of this year! With music videos, printable lyrics, and vocabulary cards, students can absorb advanced domain-specific science and social studies terms more quickly.


Achieve3000’s newest innovative solution provides boundless content for core instruction across the content areas, including current and classic novels, short stories, videos, textbook selections, plays, articles, poetry, and more!

Teachers can use and adapt interactive reading assignments from Actively Learn’s catalog or infuse and surround content (from the catalog or their own files) with scaffolds, assessments, discussion prompts, and more. Real-time student activity reporting and social tools help teachers drive class discussion and deeper thinking.


Join us for actionable professional learning and collaboration with education thought leaders and expert practitioners! This unique professional learning opportunity, brought to you by the Successful Practices Network and Achieve3000, will take place November 11-13, 2019, on the Disney property in Orlando, FL.

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